Winning Design For Crook Point Bascule

A winner has been chosen, and it looks like the Crook Point bascule will have a second act as an illuminated art installation. But the surrounding area will be developed as well. From the ProJo:

In addition to the lights on the bridge, the winning design includes parks on both banks of the river, an enclosure at the mouth of the East Side Rail Tunnel and a canal crossed by mini-bridges on the east bank.

The winning plan does not reconnect the bridge and allow people to make it from one side of the river to the other, as two of the other proposals would have.

The competition was announced last March. Before the project can move forward the state will need to transfer the property to the city. From the Globe, “It now technically is owned by the Rhode Island Public Rail Corporation, whose officers are Department of Transportation staff.”


Seen here is the mouth of the East Side Rail Tunnel . . . it’s a little damp.


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