Artist Jackie At The Parlour

(6.8) Hooray, more live music! Head over to The Parlour this Tuesday night for The Artist Jackie and The Wizard. I have seen this genre-defying duo and found them to be wildly entertaining.

Artist Jackie & The Wizard perform live from Parlour Providence with an interview by 13 Folds. . . . THE BAR IS OPEN! Come enjoy the show from our studio audience.

And check out the Parlour facebook page for a touching message from the owners about getting through this past year:

I am truly humbled and inspired by the outpouring of love and support the community has shown over this past year and a half. With so many unknowns and so much upheaval and despair it was really hard to picture anything working out for the best. My family and I are overwhelmed with gratitude for this has been such a saving grace in our lives.

So glad they made it! This is one of my favorite venues. (Looks like they are hiring, btw.) For those who can’t make it Tuesday, there are several streaming options.

This image (cropped for formatting purposes) appears courtesy of “revelatory and editorial” photographer James Lastowski who takes the most amazing photos of musicians performing locally (from metal to hiphop), fire dancers, poets, and anyone he finds interesting, with the streets of the city as the backdrop. For those of us who have given up trying to take pictures of musicians jumping around in dimly lit clubs, see what an artist with the right equipment can accomplish. What an eye he has. If you aren’t already following James Lastowski, why not?

Artist Jackie, 8pm to 10:15pm, Tuesday, June 8, The Parlour, 1119 North Main Street, (directions)

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