Nick-A-Nee’s 25th Anniversary

(6.13) Everyone’s favorite dive bar will be celebrating 25 years of business this weekend! All weekend starting at noon both days. The Nick-A-Nee’s 25th Anniversary Bash has twenty-four bands lined up. All shows are outside. Never a cover! In no particular order:

Ryan Jackson/Blue Dream/The Teledynes/The Hi Fi Lowdowns/The Devifish/The Millrats/Bear Fight Club/Pedro and his All Stars/Viking Jesus/The Quahogs/Smith & Weeden/Mark Cutler and Men of Great Courage/The House Combo/John Birt/Dan Lilley and The Keepers/Gary and The G Men/Greystone Rail/The Robcats/Tanya McIntyre and The Professors/Paula Clare Band/Andy Stone Band/The Dick Clarks/Tim Taylor Blues Band/The Free Radicals

We love Nick-A-Nee’s! Best juke box. So glad they made it.

For those new to the area, just look for a green cinder block building without cartoons. This is an old picture.

Free, music starts noon, Saturday, June 12/Sunday, June 13, Nick-A-Nee’s, 75 South Street, (directions)

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