Another Brood Has Launched

Yesterday there was still one fledgling flapping around. Today the box appears to be empty. There has been some concern this year about one fledgling who appeared to lose his footing last Sunday and remains out of sight even now. Check the Audubon Society of Rhode Island (ASRI) peregrine cam page for their updates on the situation.

We have not been able to confirm anything at this point because the bird was not ready to fly and therefore, if alive, has simply been out of sight, hanging out on another rooftop (they oftentimes manage to successfully glide at this age.)

However, the peregrine watching is far from over. Peter Green of Providence Raptors can often be seen on the sidewalks below watching the fledglings test their new wings. You can do this too. The young peregrines tend to hang around/fly around their home base for a while. Look up!

(Go to the Providence Raptors Facebook page for some amazing photos: he has spotted one of those fledglings hanging about; he took some amazing pictures of the day the sky turned yellow and the ensuing rainbow; and an incredible video last Saturday when a bee flew into the box.)

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