Scürvy Dög Parking Lot Mega Show

(7.18) It’s time for the Scürvy Dög Parking Lot Mega Show — twelve hours of live music in a parking lot with a view of the Olneyville Expressway — featuring  Droplets, the Midnight Creeps, Diablogato , and more.

We’re throwing another free all day parking lot bash with a ton of bands, awesomeness, and a pinch of love. Fueled by Boil Bros!

Dog friendly (to friendly dogs) and properly supervised children are also welcome.

Plan your day:

9:30 Droplets
8:45 Midnight Creeps
8pm Diablogato
7:15 Killer Kin
6:30 Pony Boy
5:45 123 Astronaut
5pm The David Tessier All-Star Stars (A.S.S.)
4:15 Gamma Rage
3:30 Jodie Treloar Sampson and Steve Demers
2:45 Death Pesos
2pm IonEye

Food by Boil Bros. (Seriously, go look at what they do.)

Free, 1pm, Sunday, July 18, Scürvy Dög, 1718 Westminster Street, (directions)

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