New Lovecraft Brew

Although only H.P. Lovecraft fans may pick up on that. Label designer Gage Prentiss originally had the author’s name on the front but it seems to have . . . disappeared. The talented Mr. Prentiss may be better known for his amazing sculptural works: The statue of Lovecraft and his cats, and, more recently, the bust of artist Edward Bannister.

“The Colour Out of Space,” a grapefruit IPA, serves as Chapter 7 in the Narragansett Brewery Lovecraft Series and commemorates one of his favorite short stories. Don’t have time to read books? Rent the movie, the most recent of which stars Nicolas Cage.

“The Colour Out of Space” became one of Lovecraft’s most popular works, and remained his personal favorite of his short stories. It has been adapted to film several times, as Die, Monster, Die! (1965), The Curse (1987), Colour from the Dark (2008), The Colour Out of Space (Die Farbe) (2010) and Color Out of Space (2019).

Speaking of Lovecraft movies: The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival takes over the Columbus Theatre for three days and nights on August 20-22.

The new Lovecraft IPA and many other Gansett products are on sale now at their newly opened India Point beer garden on Tockwotton Street. The new Providence Brewery will be celebrating their grand opening this weekend, but it’s up and running now. The place looks great . . . fantastic addition to the beerscape.

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