Durk’s BBQ — Inside And Out

What better way to celebrate the Year of the Ox than digging into some fatty brisket at Durk’s authentic Texas-style BBQ. I headed downtown last week to finally check out the “new” location, hoping to eat outside with a friend, and of course the skies opened up just as we arrived.

But I’m glad we poked our heads in the door because the interior setup put us completely at our ease (see below). The tables are widely spaced, the ceiling is high, and the music is great. So, rain or shine, check it out.

The brisket is still delicious, as is the cornbread. The brussels sprouts are no longer on the menu (grrr) so just get more cornbread. And the banana pudding.

This stretch of Aborn Street between Westminster and Washington Streets feels kind of cozy and out of the fray. Both Durk’s and Rosalina, the Italian restaurant across the street, have wide sidewalks for outdoor tables, and the giant Shep Fairey mural provides a unique visual backdrop and something to talk about with visiting friends and relatives. There is very little car traffic.

Opens Wednesday through Friday at 4pm/ Saturday & Sunday at noon.

(According to their Facebook page they are hiring.)

Durk’s BBQ, 33 Aborn Street, (directions)


Very spacious interior situation.

The Shep Fairey mural went up in 2010.

Fun fact: This building used to be the home of The Satin Doll, the claaassy strip club.


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