New Dune Brothers In The Works

It doesn’t look like much now, but this is going to be huge. Plans include indoor and outdoor seating, an oyster bar, and a fish market! And take-out of course. In the meantime, the Dyer Street Dune Brothers (see below) is still the only clam shack in town. But this was always meant to be a temporary location.

With years of restaurant experience behind them, owners Nicholas Gillespie and Jason Hegedus first opened the bright red, on-wheels, Dune Brothers on Dyer Street back in 2018, but they were always looking for a permanent location. Those two were not on hand yesterday when I stopped by, but their crew enthusiastically filled me in on the above-mentioned plans, although they were unsure about when the new location might be open, late fall maybe. (The sign says 2021. Let’s hope all goes smoothly.)

Not only does the North Main Street location mean that clam cakes are getting closer to my house, but the East Side will once again have a fish market! Nicholas and Jason have always brought their chef-driven, dock-to-dish, approach to the traditional fish shack menu. Don’t like bones? Try the Cape shark. Yesterday, patrons ordering fish-and-chips had the choice of blue fish or pollock. This is traceable, local seafood.

So for now, head over to Dyer Street where that “temporary” landscaping has really filled in. Be aware that, as with restaurants all across the country, prices are in flux. Beer, wine, water, and Yacht Club soda are also for sale.

N.B. All fried items are cooked in beef tallow! (It makes a difference.)

Hours: 11am to 7:30pm (or 8pm), Tuesday thru Saturday. The hours on the Facebook page do not match the hours on the website. I’m going with the FB page.

Closed Sunday and Monday, Dune Brothers Seafood, 239 Dyer Street, (directions)


This is so cute I kind of hope it makes the trip to the new location somehow.  There are several picnic tables with umbrellas for eating.


2 thoughts on “New Dune Brothers In The Works”

  1. I am interested in the project it seems to have started and stopped a few times I have many years of experience taking a project out of the ground .
    Kevin King

  2. I now see that it will be at the corner of North Main and Pleasant Street! I didn’t see the photo you’d posted at the top of the article until I’d sent my question.
    Thanks, anyway!

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