Full WaterFire Honors Covid Heroes

(9.4) It’s back! And Saturday’s WaterFire will be honoring the very people who got us through the past eighteen months and who continue to serve the public under unbelievably stressful circumstances: Essential Workers.

The 2021 Covid Heroes lighting will begin with a 100 person Ring of Fire torch lighting ceremony in Waterplace Park. Torchbearers will include first-responders and other essential work from around Rhode Island whose dedication and bravery have kept us going throughout the pandemic.

Needless to say, this image was taken in the before-times and we may not want to pack together like sardines just yet. WaterFire organizers have made adjustments: “At this time onshore activities will be mostly curtailed in order to ensure public safety.”

When we think of the Covid heroes we always picture the front line medical workers — and they continue to work themselves to emotional and physical exhaustion — but let’s not forget those who have been working the counters and cash registers at our markets and drug stores, facing hundreds of strangers a day, before going home to their families. They were not sent home to collect unemployment. They had to work. They all deserve a raise.

Go here for the complete 2021 WaterFire schedule.

All Full WaterFire lightings light up over eighty braziers from Waterplace Park to Memorial/South Main Street Park on scheduled evenings throughout the season.

(Photo by Jen Bonin)

Sunset, 7:14pm to midnight, Saturday, September 4, Waterplace Park (directions)

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