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(9.11) Is your garage a Superfund Site? This is perfect weather for cleaning it out and making plans for the proper disposal of your hazardous waste. You’ll need to make an appointment with RI Resource Recovery (RIRRC) for the upcoming Eco-Depot on Allens Avenue. (I took a load to the July event and I was in and out of there in minutes.) Go to the Household Hazardous Waste page to make an appointment and check the list of the hazardous products that will be accepted.

The Eco-Depot is a free service for properly disposing of household hazardous waste from RI residents. Household hazardous waste is anything labeled with a skull and crossbones, or words like ‘toxic’, ‘poison’, ‘flammable’, ‘combustible’, etc. Examples include mercury devices, automotive fluids, gasoline, propane tanks, fertilizers, pesticides, pool chemicals, and polishes.

But also antifreeze, weed killer, fluorescent light bulbs, motor oil (less than 10 gallons), and paint (if you have more than 25 gallons you must email them for instructions). They even handle “sharps/needles.”

This service is for residential use only . . . rain or shine.

Appointments are made to prevent everyone from showing up at once, which reduces wait time in line. We try to service 25 cars every 15 minutes—you won’t even need to get out of your vehicle.

In fact, they probably won’t allow you to get out of your vehicle, so plan accordingly. They even had a person at the Allens Avenue entrance waving cars in — this was a very efficient operation.

There are more of these remote Eco-Depots planned at locations around the state. The next one scheduled for Providence is December 4. (Or you can make an appointment to bring your stuff to the main RIRRC location in Johnston.)

8am to noon, Saturday, September 11, Eco-Depot, Clean Earth Facility, 252 Allens Avenue, (directions)

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  1. Household hazardous waste is anything labeled with a skull and crossbones or words like ‘toxic’, and it includes household products, medications, cleaners, and fertilizers.

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