Weekend In Music

Friday@Columbus Theatre, Carsie Blanton, Scott Cook @the Strand, Michael Blackson @News Café, Crash Society, the Keegan Turner Band, the Franklin Underground @the Parlour, (5pm) Dick Derry, @Alchemy, Barbarian, the Greying, As Within So Without, Buried Giants @Askew, Charlie Marie, Dylan Earl, Tiger Saw, Lily Talmers @Dusk, Fearing, the Infinity Ring, Compound Bunker, Rotgut God @the Vets, Ben Folds

Saturday@News Café, the Somethin’ Somethings, Musclecah, Foul Weather Friend @the Met, the Schemers @Nick-A-Nee’s, Green Eyed Soul @the Strand, Stunna Gambino, Bouba Savage, Lil Rekk, Leeky G Bando @Fête Ballroom, Dynamo @Askew, the Nymphidels, Father Carmine, the Debutantes @Dusk, Barn Burning, Jets Can’t Land, Swamp Birds, Minky Starshine

Sunday@News Café, (Punks for Pets, outdoor, starts 11am) Jared Knapik, Stubborn Hearts, Sourpunch, the Underwires, Artist Jackie, more @Fête Lounge, Mirage, Joeyy, Bic Flame, more @Alchemy, Wizard Rifle, Pony Boy, LAME

(Photo of Carsie Blanton)

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