Colbert Visits URI — Say Hi To Flynn

(10.2) Dear Mr. Colbert, remember your old show? Remember virtues? Eight years ago you interviewed Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse* about his new book, “On Virtues.” Unfortunately, Rhode Island has since lost its way. This Saturday you will be appearing at the University of Rhode Island for “a conversation” as part of URI Alumni Weekend. You know who might be there? URI alum Michael Flynn. Here’s a topic for Saturday: Why hasn’t the university rescinded Michael Flynn’s honorary degree?

In 2014, then President David Dooley bestowed an honorary degree upon Michael Flynn. This was questionable even at the time, but since then QAnon supporter Flynn has urged on the seditious attack on the Capitol and celebrated Memorial Day by suggesting a military coup à la Myanmar. Dooley retired this year (to Montana) refusing all requests to rescind the honorary degree. We have covered this topic before in URI President Dooley retires in disgrace.

The new president, Marc Parlange, has not addressed the issue and has not responded to our email inquiries or phone messages.

(Tell Parlange what you think about Flynn’s honor at

So Mr. Colbert, please bring some negative publicity to this disgraceful situation.

*Yeah, Sheldon lost points on the all-white country club thing.

Colbert Conversation, 8pm, Saturday, October 2, Ryan Center, URI, (directions)

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  1. URI alum here. Sending objection to Parlange. Thanks for the info & address.

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