‘Arrows Of Desire’ At Bell Gallery

Red wax is the dominant medium for artist Harry Gould Harvey IV, while artistic partner Faith Wilding expresses herself through watercolors, archival images, and installations, but a shared world view brings them together for Arrows of Desire, up through the end of November at the Bell Gallery. That red wax is a very compelling medium.

Friends, collaborators, and intergenerational activists whose practices both enrich and reflect one another in this exhibition, Harry Gould Harvey IV and Faith Wilding have emerged from the pandemic in a state of mutual reverence. Hinged by their shared devotion to William Blake (1757-1827), a gravitational force that has been overt throughout both careers, Wilding and Harvey embrace the apocalyptic language and imagery of the Romantic writer and artist, whose illustrated poem Milton (1804-1811) titles the show.

Seen here is the top half of Harvey’s Give them Bread (After Emma Goldman), fabricated from “pre-industrial headboard, formica from cocaine Sam’s hideaway, MDF, casting wax, cast white bronze, oxblood and milk paint, roses from the artist’s mother’s funeral, and found photographs.” (MDF seems to be medium-density fibre board. A middle section of this shrine is seen below.)

Harvey and his wife, artist Brittni Ann Harvey, founded the Fall River Museum of Contemporary Art.

The pieces and parts of the exhibition are widely spaced so viewers should be able to stay separated with no problem.

The museum is open daily from 11am to 5pm, and open till 8pm on Thursdays.

Free and open to the public through November 28, Bell Gallery, Brown University, 64 College Street, (directions)


Below is “Flow” by Providence resident and feminist artist, Faith Wilding. Two Erlenmeyer flasks, one containing a red liquid and one a blue liquid, are connected by a swath of cloth which is drawing the colors up and out. (Given time, will the colored liquids meet in the middle?)

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