‘Chazan’ Gallery Talk At WFAC

(10.13) Head over to the WaterFire Arts Center Wednesday evening and meet the creative talents behind, and the subject of, the graphic novel “Chazan! Unfiltered.” The show features the captivating original illustrations from the work. So who is this Dr. Chazan?

“Chazan! Unfiltered” follows the path of Rhode Island superhero and nephrologist Joseph A. Chazan, MD, as he pursues his two passions — art and medicine — and explores how the two collide. Dr. Chazan became a superhero to his patients when he tore through red tape to establish the first dialysis clinic in Rhode Island. When he needed an escape from work, he — with his cherished wife, Helene — raised eyebrows in the medical community when they turned to art, supporting countless previously unknown artists in the the process and playing an instrumental role in establishing the beloved arts institution AS220.

Michael Rose, Providence Art Club gallery director, will moderate a talk with illustrator Erminio Pinque, writer Lenny Schwartz, and Dr. Joseph Chazan.

Make time to check out this exhibit at your leisure. All the works were handmade using pencil, ink, watercolor, marker and collage techniques guided by the artist’s push for an original approach to each page. They are fantastic and often feature other local characters in the Providence scene.

Erminio Pinque is a Providence-based illustrator and performance artist. He directs Big Nazo and the recently formed Space Transformation Station, an alien-robot shop that serves the community.

The gallery show remains on display through Sunday, October 24. The book is on sale in the WFAC shop for $24.95.

Free, 6pm to 8pm, Wednesday, October 13, WFAC, 475 Valley Street, (directions)


Is anyone more readily recognizable than Bert Crenca?

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