‘Lifted’ Opens At WFAC

The Wilbury Theatre Group presents Charlie Thurston’s “Lifted,” a modern meditation on the Icarus myth, directed by Josh Short. Staged outdoors at the WaterFire Arts Center, the production features Daraja Hinds, Victor Neto and Jim O’Brien.

“Lifted” is part absurdist family drama, part imaginative theatrical fantasia. In an environmentally ravaged near-future, birds have returned from their recent extinction to carry a teenage boy off into the sky. Is it an act of salvation or a declaration of war? As the avian abduction sends ripples through the city, then the country, then the world, his twin brother, father and girlfriend have to turn to each other for meaning.

When: 7:30pm/ Thursdays – Saturdays/ October 21 – November 13

7:30pm, Thursday, October 21, WFAC, 475 Valley Street, (directions)

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