King Tide Photos Needed

(11.7) Still two mornings left for citizens to participate in a photo survey of coastal sites that may be flooding right now during what is called a king tide, a non-scientific term describing a higher than normal high tide. These usually occur during a full or new moon when the moon is in perigee. (For people of a certain age: king tides used to be known as “spring tides” which was completely confusing and I’m glad they changed it.)

There is a list of sites around the state of interest to the organization: Here in Providence, Sea Grant Rhode Island want shots of Waterplace Park.

When to go: Friday, Saturday, Sunday mornings (November 5-7) from about 8:30am to 9:20am each day.

You can post your photos to the MyCoast website or, better still, download the free MyCoast app where you can add observations and also click your location on a map.

(Seen here is a two-year old photograph that is definitely not of Waterplace Park but rather the view from Point Street Bridge. It is, however, water.)

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