Get Into ‘The Churn’ At The PPL

Well, this is what this installation looked like today, but the new exhibit at the main library downtown will be changing daily, and the public is invited to participate. Up now through December 17th is Rewilding: Alive in the Churn a collaborative, interactive installation curated by artist Kotone Deguchi and co-produced by PVD Young Makers (PVDYM) and the Providence Public Library (PPL). The “canvas” consists of all four sides, inside and out, and the floor, of this room-within-a-room.

Rewilding: Alive in the Churn has transformed PPL’s exhibition gallery into an interactive biome for artists and experimenters, creating a physical and virtual space that is iterative, collaborative, and ever changing.  Join us to explore, experience, and experiment with ways of being in a world that’s in flux.

Members of the public and nine guest artists will continually transform the gallery space through visual art, performance, sound design, video projection, etc.

For this exhibition, rather than each guest artist having a period of time in which their art is showcased, then removed, with the space then reset for the next artist, each artist is instead asked to enter and respond to the space as they find it . . . Each incoming artist is invited to alter the space, further developing the transformations that came before them, just as they must concede that their alterations may be further transformed after they leave. From this process develops a space of shared and layered history that continually builds upon itself, hour by hour, day by day.

Open days for public participation (gallery hours are 10am to 3pm for these days). A member of the group will be on hand to assist:

Mon 11/8, Fri 11/12, Wed 11/17, Thurs 11/18, Wed 11/24
Fri 11/26, Sat 11/27, Mon 11/29, Tues 11/30 . . . and more through December

Check the Instagram feed @rewildingpvd to see what’s been going on.

I spoke with programs and exhibitions director Christina Bevilacqua earlier; she has been enjoying the vibe and bustle of the installation, noting with relief, “It’s been one of the few spaces I’ve been in where there’s a lightness and sense of enthusiasm that I don’t feel in a lot of places these days.” Yes, we all need more of this.

Through December 17, Providence Public Library, 3rd floor, 150 Empire Street, (directions)


Materials provided include paint, markers, paper, cardboard. Or you may want to bring in something from the outside world or your home; one artist has introduced tree branches. (Remember, any subsequent artist may or may not choose to remove the tree branches.) Other artists will be filming themselves and that will be their contribution to the piece.(And a big thanks to Adler’s Design Center and Hardware and Ruggieri Carpet One Floor for their contributions.)

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