New Selfie Wall At Fox Point Elementary

There is certainly no shortage of fox imagery in the Wickenden Street area and insect metamorphosis is really the perfect metaphor for the transition humans make in elementary school. (I worked very hard to avoid the word “journey” in that sentence.) With the help of public art nonprofit The Avenue Concept and their signature Montana Gold spray paint, artist James Mustin has completed “Monarch Selfie” at the Vartan Gregorian Elementary (and butterflies are a good alternative for those who don’t identify as “angel”).

The mural (seen below) is tucked in the south-facing side along East Street and accommodates two sizes of larvae.

Vartan Gregorian Elementary, 455 Wickenden Street, (directions)


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  1. I just visited The Avenue Concept website and loved all the murals, sculptures, and more. I looked at the map and noted the work is not spread nationwide. I hope it will be. The Monarch Selfie is truly stunning.

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