Weekend In Music

Friday@Union Station Brewery, the Most Dangerous Men Alive @Columbus Theatre (Sold Out) Vanessa Carlton @News Cafe, Thousand Years Between, Darker Than Blue, Silver Dahli @the Met, Ripe, Chance Emerson @Dusk, Oxalate, Gog, Stagnater, Severed Boy @Askew, I and R, Huntress and the Holder of Hands, Malerie Day

Saturday@News Cafe, Battlemode, Sam Mulligan, the Electric Dugans, Your Friends in Hell @AS220 Black Box, Triangle Forest, Favourite @the Met, Ripe, Chance Emerson @Union Station Brewery, Man and Wife @the Parlour, Dub Apocalypse, Animal Face, Digital Ancient @PPAC, Joe Bonamassa @Columbus Theatre, the Suitcase Junket, Ali McGuirk @Nick-A-Nee’s, the Teledynes @Askew, Neal and the Vipers @Fête Lounge, the Last King, Sunsinger, Galvanized, Quarantined, Monstrous, Revs @Dusk, Minibeast, Songbirds, Adapter Adapter

Sunday@Fête Lounge, Che Noir, Medusa Black, Trav Black, Marrowz, Angel Mercedes, Ericka Kanee, Mar Credo @Nick-A-Nee’s, Jake La Botz @the Parlour, Clear Audience @the Met, Violin River @Alchemy, New Idol, Omni, Okami, Trading Heroes For Ghosts, Downcaster @the Parlour, Cabaret, Gnarnia, Rafay Rashid

(Photo of Suitcase Junket. I’m sure he’ll figure it out.)

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