Gov McKee — $3,000 To State Workers For Vaccination

Christmas is coming early for members of AFSCME*, the largest union of state workers, thanks to bonuses coming there way courtesy of the taxpayers of Rhode Island. Should their new contract be ratified as expected, Governor McKee will be providing two $1,500 bonuses to employees who have received a Covid vaccine. This is roughly $3,000 more than I was paid for my vaccinations.

This largesse will undoubtedly be remembered by union members when they go to the polls in 2022 as the second $1,500 installment will be going out only a few months prior to primary day. Rhode Island Republican Party Chairwoman Sue Cienki issued a statement (ProJo 11.19.21):

“It’s estimated that AFSCME Council 94 has 10,000 active and retired members it represents. For argument’s sake, if only half of that number are active and receive the bonus, this would cost Rhode Island over $15 million.

“What this essentially does is give free taxpayer money to state workers who have already been vaccinated like the rest of us, while those who remain unvaccinated for religious or health reasons will undoubtedly remain unvaccinated.”

She added: “Governor McKee can frame this as trying to get ‘needles in arms’ as he so proudly repeats every time he is in front of a microphone, but let’s call this exactly what it is, a disgraceful attempt to buy support from the unions before a primary.”

My proposal differs from McKee’s somewhat: Anyone who doesn’t get vaccinated is fired.

*American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees.


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  1. what a scam as a retired state employee i find this a waste of taxes . what gives this power hungry moron a right to give away money like this ? how about i take this money out of your salary govenor ? its a trick to get the unvaccinated the jab !!! well take your power hungry hands out of my tax money !!!!!!

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