Maria Bamford At Columbus Theatre

(11.21) Tickets still available for the Maria Bamford Show Sunday night at the Columbus Theatre. You may know her from her show of “Lady Dynamite” or her specials now on Netflix. Bamford also does voice work on “Bojack Horseman” and “Big Mouth.” Stephen Colbert calls her his “favorite comedian on earth” while Judd Apatow thinks she is “the most unique, bizarre, imaginative comedian out there right now. ”

And she speaks openly about her bipolar disorder and O.C.D. Her stories are both harrowing and hilarious. The New York Times once wrote;

Things Bamford likes to talk about candidly include the fact that she has disabling bouts of anxiety and depression, that she has contended with a form of O.C.D. called “unwanted thoughts syndrome” and that during her childhood, those unwanted thoughts came in the form of constant worries she might kill her own family or sexually molest animals.

Yup, comedy gold. Pictured here is her sunshine-gumdrop face which rarely matches the tone of her material. And that sweet smile can morph straight into a drawn rictus of fury; there is much under the surface here and she’s mad at the world just like the rest of us. But it seems she has gotten some of her issues under control in recent years so her psychological fragility may not be the main theme anymore. I’ve seen her twice and the material was all new the second time around. And just as weird and wonderful.

$40, 8pm, Sunday, November 21, Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway, (directions)

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