New Sign For Olneyville New York System

And you probably couldn’t even tell. Alarm spread throughout the city last summer when the New York System announced that their neon sign was beyond repair and would have to be replaced. We needn’t have worried; owner Greg Stevens hired Providence Painted Signs with orders to “fabricate a brand new, yet still iconic, sign “that matched its predecessor as closely as possible.” Nailed it.  From WPRI:

The new sign was raised and put into place Monday evening, and the neon lights were installed Tuesday.

The owner’s plans for the original sign are unknown at this time.

Hmm . .  what to do with the old sign. The new one looks a little different somehow. Each color seems to have been slightly shifted into a brighter, more modern version of itself . . . a little on the cartoony side. I like it a lot.

Olneyville New York System, 18 Plainfield Street, (directions)


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