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This one bears consideration. This proposal seemed to come out of nowhere and in a whole new, inspired, location. Architecture critic David Brussat writes in “Presto chango bus hub idea”:

Seemingly out of the clear blue sky a completely new bus hub idea has suddenly emerged in Providence. The Innovation District Transit Center, it’s called. The reigning notion of shifting most buses from Kennedy Plaza to a pair of new sub hubs blocks away has not been popular. Most riders believe the bus hub should remain in the plaza. So instead of sticking with the decades-old tried and true, downtown advocates such as the Providence Foundation and Grow Smart RI now propose a whole new ballgame, popping in from far left field.

This proposal would be much more than another bus depot. Patrick Anderson has written up the new plan in the Providence Journal:

A coalition of nonprofits and businesses are promoting a plan to move the bus berths in Kennedy Plaza inside a proposed six-story building containing a new full-service transit terminal. 

In addition to shops, restaurants, an indoor waiting area, public bathrooms and parking, the new $77-million terminal building would also have more than 40 apartments.

The complex would occupy the parking lots across from the Garrahy Court House on Dorrance Street. The design comes from Union Studio Architecture and Community Design, a “mission-based firm committed to designing sustainable places that will be loved for generations . . . committed to saving the world from sprawl.”

(Image courtesy Union Studio Architecture & Community Design)

2 thoughts on “New Bus Hub Idea”

  1. If this plan even begins to solve any problem like buses slowed by congestion or serpentine routes, too many popular trips requiring transfers, long waits for transfers, lack of crosstown routes, etc. it will be strictly by accident. The only problem this plan tries to solve is how to move Those People away from in front of Joey Ps shiniest buildings. And big points on the side for spending money meant to improve transit to build parking spaces!

  2. Fun little insensitive rant by your boy David Brussat in the middle of that linked blog post. New hub proposal seems like a great idea, but if David doesn’t want to sell the Columbus statue I’m happy to tell him where to shove it.

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