Work Starts On Washington Bridge West

Commuters heading into the city may want to give themselves a few extra minutes Monday morning when RIDOT begins a $78-million project to repair and widen Washington Bridge.

All lanes on I-195 West will be narrowed and shifted to the right from the Broadway interchange in East Providence to the South Main Street exit in Providence. RIDOT also will reduce the number of lanes from two to one at the Taunton Avenue/Veterans Memorial Parkway/Warren Avenue on-ramp, requiring drivers to merge into a single lane prior to entering the highway.

Go here for a detailed breakdown and future scheduling of the Washington Bridge Project. Apparently the Gano Street on-ramp will be revamped?

A new bridge structure to carry traffic from Gano Street in Providence onto I-195 westbound.

I’m not sure what is meant by “new bridge structure.” The bridge construction project should be finished by 2026.

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