Chez Pascal Owners — Time For A Change

It has been an exceptional run by restaurant standards, but the owners of Chez Pascal are ready to take advantage of an irresistible opportunity: teaching in Singapore. This move is unrelated to the pressures of the past year; Matt and Kristin Gennuso had always aimed for a 20-year run. But sometime in the new year, Chez Pascal will be sold to just the right party. (Vegetarians need not apply.) Gail Ciampa writes in today’s ProJo:

“We hope to find owners who will be part of the neighborhood,” he said.

That means people who will wave to the kids who ride past the restaurant on their bikes, just like they do, he said.

It was the Gennusos who added the Wurst Kitchen and counter — serving up their signature homemade sausages — as well as the food truck, and the outdoor seating at the Würst window. Not only have they consistently served up excellent food, but the aesthetic charms of the exterior have elevated the streetscape of the neighborhood while delighting passers-by.

Don’t panic, you have time to stop by. “Their timetable to close is March/April as they also have to sell their home.”

We hate to see them go but wish them well in their new adventure.

(They will be closed December 24, 25, and January 1.)

Chez Pascal, 960 Hope Street, (directions)


The piggies face onto Ninth Street.

I love this sign.

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