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One way to effect change is from the inside. If you think that law enforcement has gotten way off track, then get in there and become the cop that you would want to see coming to help you. The Providence Police Department is currently recruiting for entry-level police officers, so lets get more minorities, people of color, and women on board.

Complete disclosure: I used to be a patrol officer in the Providence Police Department. It can be a fascinating and fulfilling job. No two days are alike, you aren’t stuck behind a desk in an office, and as corny as this sounds, you get to help people! And it’s a damn good job. Starting pay now: “Police Officer-3rd Grade: $1,157/week; $60,207/year.” And with great benefits.

I would add here that, although I have never met the man, Colonel Hugh T. Clements, seems like a pretty descent guy. He always comes across as calm, thoughtful, and open to new ideas. There’s never that alienating us-against-them bluster we have seen from other chiefs across the nation. I kind of can’t believe he’s actually the chief of police anywhere. But it says something good about our department that this thoughtful man has risen to the top and stayed there for over a decade.

Go here for the job description, qualifications, and the selection process.

Deadline is 11:59pm, February 4, 2022.

3 thoughts on “Prov Police Recruiting — Apply Now”

  1. When I was young, it was my dream to become a police officer. But my family just wasn’t having it! So, I went after other things. Now, whenever I see ads for police recruiting, I can’t help but wonder what life would have been like if I had actually followed through. Good luck to all new officers.

  2. You would be wrong my friend! One night there was a huge riot on Ives Street near Wickenden. And I can still picture the enormous melee at the old Engine Company 13 with beer bottles and cue balls flying past our heads. (We of course had no radios on us . . . the bartender had to phone in a request for back-up, for which we were very grateful.) Car 34 was no snooze 🙂 And thank you for your kind remarks.

  3. I doubt that you experienced too much action while patroling Blackstone Blvd (car 34). Maybe perhaps things were more lively in the women’s detention cells. 🙂 Anyways, you were among a very select few officers that I did enjoy working with. I still remember the night that you resigned, even after 40 years.

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