Weekend In Music

Friday@Union Station Brewery, They Were Robots @Askew, the Gravel Project, Falcon Brunch, Blue Dream @the Met, Black Sabbitch postponed @Alchemy, Toste, Leucistic, Arcadia, Jupiter, Slackin @Dusk, New Idol, Planets, Omni, Monstrous, Trading Heroes for Ghosts, Epochsis

Saturday@Dusk, the Hammer Party, Gyna Bootleg, GripBite, Ioneye @the Strand, Kay Flock canceled @the Met, Dogs in a Pile, the Guess Method @Union Station Brewery, the Pourmen @Nick-A-Nee’s, Magic Minnows @the Parlour, the Quahogs, Keith McCurdy @Mayday, Cabbage, Sean Ahern, Joe Lou, DUME

Sunday@Askew, Ziggy Gnardust, Bill Bartholomew, Dylan Stankowitz @the Met, So Many Rhodes @Dusk, Lunar Mass 2, Sunsinger, My Missing Half, Lost Art, more

(Original photo of Bill Bartholomew by James Lastowski)

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