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The deadline for submissions has passed and we are happy to report that several professional graphic designers have submitted work. So we may have some acceptable choices. We first expressed our concerns about this selection process back in December when the contest was announced.  (A work this important should not be selected through a contest. The first round happening now is being judged by political appointees and civil servants at the DMV; they will be selecting a group of finalists. The public will then vote on their favorite from that list.) The Providence Journal has an update with a few examples of submissions which don’t look too bad.

A total of 900 residents entered the Division of Motor Vehicles‘ design competition, according to spokesman Paul Grimaldi. Some submitted multiple entries, so the DMV has 940 different submissions to consider.

The proposed designs include scenes of the sunset over Greenwich Bay, sand fences collapsing into beach dunes, the silhouette of the Newport Bridge — and the blue-and-white “Discover Rhode Island” plate that was finalized under Gov. Lincoln Chafee’s administration but never produced.

Seen here is one of the four submissions from Providence-based Humblee Studios. Designer Sandra Ristau has supplied a choice of color combos; I think I prefer the taupe/blue.  She has also made two slightly different versions of each . . . front and back of the car perhaps? I don’t think we have ever done that.

I look forward to seeing all the submissions.

2 thoughts on “License Plate Competition Update”

  1. Can we view more submissions somewhere? To be fair, I think we should be able to view all the submissions.

  2. Richard Smith

    I’d be happy with unique numbered plates that didnt peel and inspection stickers that actually adhere to the windshield. We are currently fighting a photo camera speed violation that photo’d someone using an older issue of our plate number. Our inspection stickers have to be taped to stay on the window.

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