International Women’s Day

Once a year we hold International Women’s Day (offer not available in Texas) while the remaining 364 days of the year are devoted all the frustrated old men who do everything in their power to strip women of basic human rights and autonomy over their lives. So shape up men — we can only be pushed so far.

Going the Lysistrata route seems positively quaint at this point. But, before we go the way of Lorena Bobbitt (you should see the picture I was gonna use) or Boudicea, who took it to the Romans, let’s stick with the ballot box (another soon-to-be quaint idea?).

November’s midterms will decide whether or not American democracy will survive. VOTE FOR AS MANY WOMEN AS YOU CAN!

And they need money. Donate now!

Stacy Abrams (who already won this once, but) is running for governor of Georgia. Who doesn’t want to see her take this back from Kemp?

Nikki Fried is trying to replace the current governor of Florida, in the running for most loathsome man on the face of the earth.

Or donate to Emily’s List (Early Money Is Like Yeast, it makes the dough rise) who are keeping an eye on all the upcoming gubernatorial races. They like Gorbea in Rhode Island. Other states in play include Arizona, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, and for some reason, the incredibly brave Gretchen Whitmer is running again in Michigan.

Because in the current climate of violence and intimidation, women have to be brave just to run for public office.

I have focused on the governors offices today — more later.

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