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The first date of the Providence Eco-Depot season will be March 26. We all know that household hazardous waste and toxic chemicals must be disposed of properly, that’s why it keeps piling up. So start attacking the super-fund site you call a garage, now. I made two visits to the Eco-Depot on Allens Avenue last year, and on both occasions I was in and out. The whole operation moved smartly along. But you must make an appointment, they will ask what you want to bring. Acceptable items include: paint, motor oil, fluorescent light tubes, antifreeze, even sharps & needles!

Appointments are made to prevent everyone from showing up at once, which reduces wait time in line. We try to service 25 cars every 15 minutes—you won’t even need to get out of your vehicle. You can view the entire schedule in the “Request Date” drop-down menu.

The schedule for the upcoming RI Eco-Depot days on Allens Avenue in Providence is as follows:

March 26/ July 23/ September 10/ December 3

8am to Noon, rain or shine (except severe weather like blizzards and hurricanes).

(Also, on August 13 at the East Providence DPW, 60 Commercial Way. This is not far and you can go to any of the statewide locations as long as you are a resident of the state.)

Go clean up the garage.

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