Weekend In Music

Friday@Union Station Brewery, Dan Blakeslee @Alchemy, the Amish Outlaws @Dusk (6pm), Resistor, Aka Mana, Shapethrower, Senseless, Tar @the Met, Start Making Sense @AS220 Black Box, Alley Trash, Rakefire, Sophisticated Adult, Choke Out @Askew, Void Union f. Dave Hillyard, the Hempsteadys

Saturday@the Parlour (8pm), Sgt. Baker and the Clones, XpressO, Space Junk is Forever @the Parlour (5pm), Evening Sky CD release party @AS220 Black Box, Abdu Ali, Shirine Saad, La Neve @Askew, Chris Trapper, Lauren King @Dusk, Bitter Branches, Punitive Damage, Gordita Beach, Bulletproof Backpack* @the Columbus Theatre, Happy Place, Ned Rothenberg @the Met, Verbal Assault, FU’s, Peace Test, Bullet Proof Backpack*, Holy Hands

Sunday@Alchemy (3pm), Paralandra, the Many Colored Death, First Bourne @Dusk, Downcaster, No D, Fatboys and Littlemen, the Carrot Flowers @the Met (4pm), So Many Rhodes

(Photo of Paralandra)

*If Bullet Proof Backpack and Bulletproof Backpack are the same band, they would appear to have a busy night planned for this Saturday.

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