‘Planet Earth’ Opens Saturday WFAC

An opening reception for Planet Earth, the Environment and Our Future will be held at 5pm pm Saturday, March 19th. Luke Jerram’s Gaia, a massive 23’ diameter depiction of the entire earth, creates a sense of the effect that has often been reported by astronauts who sense a “cognitive shift” in their perception of the fragile “blue marble” hanging in the void of space.

Check in earlier on opening day for a special presentation at 4pm:

Barnaby Evans, executive artistic director of WaterFire Providence and curator of the exhibition, will be joined by a selection of artists in the exhibition who will each talk about the context and details of their art pieces in the show and how they position their work with respect to the larger conversation about the environment. Participating artists include Richard Friedberg, Joan Hall, Dennis Hlynsky, Sarah Jane Lapp, Janice Lardey, Haley MacKeil, and Faith Wilding.

An opening reception will be held from 5pm to 8pm on Saturday, March 19.

Exhibition Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 10am to 5 pm.
Open until 9 pm on Thursdays and Fridays

The exhibit runs through May 1. Closed for special events on March 28 and April 5.

(Seen here is Gaia at the Natural History Museum. Artist Luke Jerram has more, equally amazing sculptures and installations.)

WFAC, 475 Valley Street, (directions)

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  1. John McGrath

    I’d like to see a model of earth in the park opposite the providence mall. Designed with the ability to depict fires raging where they are, and oil gas field operations and their pipelines and their effects on the environment. Now that I think of it there may be such a model in the works for the Pentagon so the military can be prepared.

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