Oscar Nominated Shorts At Avon

[Schedule extended through March 31.] Seen here is “Robin Robin” — featuring Richard E. Grant and Gillian Anderson — one of the animated nominees you can catch at the Oscar Shorts at the Avon. The three categories — animation, live action, and documentary are shown in separate batches:

Animation — 4:10pm & 6:20pm, Saturday, Sunday, March 18-20.

Documentary — 3:05pm & 6:20pm, Monday & Tuesday, March 21 & 22.

Live action — 3:50pm & 6:20pm, Wednesday & Thursday, March 23 & 24.

Read about this year’s crop at Roger Ebert. Their thoughts on “Robin Robin”:

This utterly charming short tells the tale of Robin (voiced by Bronte Carmichael), a bird who believes she is, or could be, a mouse, just like the ones who sneak into houses without being noticed. The artists traded in claymation for felt, with elaborately designed settings that make this tangible piece all the more worthy of a big-screen viewing.

Avon Cinema, 260 Thayer Street, (directions)

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