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The latest Senior Show at Woods-Gerry is “Unfinished: Work in Progress” which I mistakenly stumbled into a day early . . . while the setting up was still in progress . . . before the exhibition was finished. Very meta, and probably very annoying for the students still setting up. (Thank you Jessy and Steve.) I felt very much like I had stepped inside an atelier the day of a show.

“Unfinished” showcases the work of twelve seniors in the Apparel Design Department.

As the title suggests, the work presented is in process, offering visitors a look behind the scenes. Various concepts, processes, developments, crafts and techniques are unveiled, presenting a unique opportunity to gain insight into the array of approaches explored within apparel design.

Department head, Lisa Morgan, was kind enough to show me around and explain the genesis of this unusual exhibition, because this one is different. Fabrics and materials, preliminary designs, garments that provided inspiration or were cannibalized for parts and repurposed, are all around. That repurposing is linked to the students’ concerns about the environmental and societal impacts of our fast and disposable fashion. This is something we all need to be thinking about.

Featured seniors and their projects:

Unravel: Clara Collins, Jessy Chun, Sofia Michaelides, Jackie Oh.

Unwither: Jun Yi Hu, Emilia K. Mann.

Unreal: Christianna Choe, Kimberly Feng, Monserrat Fernandez Moreno, Esther Park

Unveil: Teddy Smarz.

And, seen here, as you walk in the entrance, Uncut: Steve Kim. (I’m pretty sure the honey rose tonic (by Goldthread!) will not be part of the exhibit, but you never know.)

This section of the exhibition focuses on the architectural foundation of garments. How cloth can not only envelop our bodies through drapes, bends, and folds but through a precise geometry exploring the mathematics of the golden ration.

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Gallery hours: Monday & Friday thru Sunday, noon–5pm/ Tuesday, noon–4 pm.

Unfinished runs through Tuesday, March 22, Woods-Gerry Gallery, 62 Prospect Street, (directions)



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