News From The Nesting Box!

This year’s resident falcon pair has already mated and produced four eggs, and the Audubon Society of Rhode Island was filming the whole time. (The live stream only went up yesterday.) Check out the ASRI Facebook page for a link to their fascinating, edited video “Peregrine Falcon Mating Rituals and Egg-Laying”:

Here’s what you missed last week as we worked to get the #ProvidencePeregrines live stream up and running. The video includes footage of multiple bowing courtship displays, as well as great footage of the eggs being laid! You may use the timestamps in the video’s description to navigate between events. And in case you missed it, there are now FOUR eggs as of last night!
And remember, when the two adults are together, the female is the larger of the two.
We always like to follow Providence Raptors at this time of year as photographer Peter Green is very much involved in this effort. He photographs and helps every year with the banding, and helped this week getting the camera up and running. So what can we know about this couple so far? Green notes,”This year’s pair is unbanded for the fifth year in a row.”

Go here to watch Providence Peregrine Live Stream. There may not be too much action for a while; a check of my past posts indicates that the hatching generally starts in the first week of May.

The nesting box sits atop the Industrial Trust Building — known affectionately as the Superman Building — downtown at 111 Westminster Street.

(And thanks to my birder friend Jane for the heads-up.)


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