Industrial Design At Woods-Gerry

The RISD Senior shows continue with Trial and Error: Industrial Design Senior Show. This discipline can include furniture, apparel, and any area of life where a problem needs solving with better design. Seen here is Louise Starr’s untitled and lovely children’s stool. The artist has dyed maple, poplar, and oak veneer, glued it all into plywood, and then turned on a lathe, all of which seems extraordinarily labor-intensive.

And straight out of Pixar* is this huggable Bedside Lamp by Matthew Derry, bent lamination and aluminum. (I guess I like lamination.) Derry is currently working on a dual Brown/RISD degree.

There is a lot to like in this show. Next up, Graphic Design opens April 8th.

Gallery hours: Monday, and Friday–Sunday, noon to 5pm; Tuesday, noon to 4pm. Go here for images of the current show. (Wednesdays and Thursdays are for set-up.)

*Shades of that Handmaid’s Tale bonnet . . . still, completely adorable.

Through Tuesday, April 5, Woods-Gerry Gallery, 62 Prospect Street, (directions)


Bedside Lamp by Matthew Derry.

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