Fish Market Coming To Hope Street

Finally! The East Side has not had a real seafood market since the Fish Company morphed into a bar and grill. Now comes Fearless Fish to the rescue. This is a wonderful, established seafood market over on West Fountain Street, but it is a bit of a schlep. The big question for owner Stu Meltzer: When will Hope Street open?  “Best case scenario . . . this summer. Less best case scenario . . . by the end of the year.” (And they are hiring.)

Meltzer entertained a few questions yesterday about what to expect in the new shop:

Very similar to what we have going on here. We focus on first and foremost, high high quality, fresh fish primarily, and local. And we are most excited about some of the more unique local species like black sea bass and fluke, haddock, monk fish. Right now we’re getting into fluke and tuna, we’re starting to see that in RI . . . swordfish.

And some of the specialty local fresh fish like John Dory — we love — and tilefish. John Dory is a finfish . . . a by-catch of the squid fisheries so they scoop it up when they go for squid. So they feed on squid and butterfish and other tasty things, so their flavor reflects that.

The new location will have the same freezer selection, prepared foods, and rack of tinned specialties.

So we want to bring the same thing over there, depending on what people like and respond to. My sense is that the smoked fish is going to be popular. For the Jewish holidays we brought in sablefish, smoked sturgeon, and specialty smoked whitefish.

A lot of folks come to us for sushi products . . . a lot of our fish is sushi grade . . . salmon, tuna.

The venerable Jewish deli, Davis Dairy, closed in February of 2021. Meltzer emphasized how great the Davis family had been to work with in securing the new location.

But until the Hope Street market does open, head over to the flagship store, opened in 2019, on West Fountain Street. And if you haven’t been over there lately, that street is hopping with lots of new places to eat, drink, etc.

Fearless Fish, 425 West Fountain Street, (directions)


Stu Meltzer knows his fish and loves to talk about it. (He was kind enough to remove his mask for the photo.)


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