Six New Speed Cameras

This is in addition to, not instead of, the existing network, bringing the total to 20 cameras (most of which seem to be aimed directly at my car). There will be a 30-day grace period at the new sites during which motorists will get a warning. Starting June 6, drivers will be fined $50.

Commuters driving home down Chalkstone Avenue at 5:30pm may be surprised just how slow 20 mph feels. WPRI has the list of locations:

  • Plainfield Street (Laurel Hill Annex School)
  • 773 Chalkstone Avenue (Nathanael Greene Middle School)
  • Hope Street (Hope High School)
  • Mount Pleasant Avenue (Mount Pleasant High School)
  • Bridgham Street (Providence Career and Technical Academy)
  • Branch Avenue (E-Cubed Academy)

The cameras operate on schooldays from 7am to 6pm.

(Seen here is Chalkstone in front of Nathanael Greene School Middle School.)

2 thoughts on “Six New Speed Cameras”

  1. Karen McAninch

    I beg to differ – there are speed cameras on Olney, Hope (2 now) and Butler.

  2. Victoria Constable

    How come these speed cameras are barely on the East side of Providence, say by Wheeler SCHOOL. Isn’t that a “school area/zone) too? Why is it that seemingly, the new areas, not ONE seems to be in that area (Thayer st) the direction of ANY of those school areas, yet that is supposed to be one of the many criterion MET in order to install one? Is it that they don’t want those in that area to be capable of speeding and ALSO be subjected to PAYING for what is caught on camera, which would be obviously likely, since last I checked, they don’t have aliens in East side of Providence, they birth children that go to school there too. Why don’t they stop making it appear as though this “speed camera” system actually reflects “school zones” and protecting the public? Why not just admit that one of the wealthiest parts of Providence, can apparently INFLUENCE keeping this ahem-“camera system” from affecting their neighborhoods? It’s VERY interesting how that’s the case. If that wasn’t the case, explain how come THE schools in that side of town, barely have ANY or any NEW ones since inception?

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