Burlesque & Fire — Walpurgis Night

(4.30) I know little about Walpurgis Night, the holiday celebrated on the last day of April in northern Europe and Scandinavia. Episcopalian households always ward off evil spirits with the 90-proof kind. In the olden days, villagers made loud noises and played pranks to frighten away the demons, but everyone knows now that the only true defense is . . . burlesque dancers! With a little fire for backup. Both AS220 and Dusk have burlesque entertainment lined up for this Saturday, April 30.

The show on the AS220 Main Stage “BeauTease Burlesque: Which Witch is Which?” begins at 8pm. Tickets for this “enchanting evening of ecdysiast ecstasy” are $20.

Each night on Walpurgis — the last day of April — the greatest witches of the world gather to renew the dark pacts that give them power. Traditionally it’s done on a lonely, windswept mountaintop, but this year they’ve decided to gather in Providence! Super naturally, a gathering like this is an opportunity for treachery, revenge for past slights, and striptease! BeauTease Burlesque presents “Which Witch Is Which?” starring Betty Blaize, Devastasia, and Mina Murray as the wicked, wickeder, and wickedest witches, Ava Fox as the Saucier Apprentice, and Ol’ Scratch as… himself.

The event at Dusk “St. Walpurgis Nacht: Burlesque ‘n’ Roll” combines/alternates (?) live bands with the featured dancers: Jessica Lee Scary, Maiden X, Blitzen Von Schtupp, Hades Ivory, Shirley MacSlaine, and  . . . Kristen Minsky. The bands are pretty badass: the Hammer Party, DiabloGato, Eclectic Electric, and more. Doors open at 5pm, tickets $20. Fire dancer Amanda Salemi will also be performing. I’m hoping that she will stay out-of-doors; not sure where the other acts are setting up. Just go.

More info from Britannica:

In Germany the holiday is celebrated by dressing in costumes, playing pranks on people, and creating loud noises meant to keep evil at bay. Many people also hang blessed sprigs of foliage from houses and barns to ward off evil spirits, or they leave pieces of bread spread with butter and honey, called ankenschnitt, as offerings for phantom hounds.

(Photo of Amanda Salemi Music & Fire by Bob Karambelas)


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