Independent Bookstore Day

(4.30) If you want to have a bookstore in your neighborhood, you have to shop there. If that book costs a little more it’s because brick-and-mortar businesses have bills to pay: rent, utilities, paychecks, etc. But you get to browse and discover something you didn’t know existed. You can get advice and recommendations. They hold meet-the-author events, often with cookies.

Fortunately we have still have some great bookstores here in Providence, and you should spend all day on Independent Bookstore Day going to all of them. Seen here is Symposium Books, surrounded by cool stores and places to eat, downtown on Westminster Street.

RiffRaff, a combo bookstore/bar/café in Olneyville. Hunker down in the bar with your new purchase, or get some fresh air outside.

Riffraff is co-owned by Tom Roberge and Emma Ramadan, veterans of the publishing world, bookselling, and translation. They opened the store in 2017, and drew inspiration from the best independent bookstores and neighborhood bars alike, establishments that are welcoming and comfortable and integral to the community.

We also love Books on the Square in Wayland Square, which we last wrote up when Vice President Kamala Harris strolled through. (Okay, when your visit is preceded by a Secret Service security sweep of the premises, “stroll” may not be the right word.) But you never know who you might bump into here.

So go buy a book . . . a real, paper, hardcopy book.


RiffRaff is tucked into The Plant complex on Valley Street.


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