Peregrines Hatching!

Three of the peregrine eggs have hatched. One to go? As soon as I checked in this afternoon, a parent flew in with a tasty carcass. Hard food already. These tiny nestlings can handle some pretty big chunks of pigeon.

You can help support the Audubon Society of RI by participating in The Party for the Peregrines, an online auction that runs from May 2 through 8pm, May 6. And a fantastic prize awaits some adventurous raffle winner:

You can enter the Golden Ticket Raffle for a chance to win an incredible up-close encounter: banding the 2022 brood (falcon chicks) atop the Superman building in Providence!

That would be a unique opportunity to say the least. The raffle closes at 3pm on Friday, May 6th.

Go here to watch the the live stream of the nesting box. (I had a little trouble with freezing and clicked on that alternate feed which is working fine.)

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