Peregrine Update

The peregrine nestlings, known as eyases, spend much of their time these days huddling, staring into space, and sleeping. I was unable to catch a feeding time today which might have created a more dynamic image. So here they are, all downy fluff and black eyes (sometimes one of them will stare straight into the camera which is a bit unsettling). So where are the parents? The Audubon Society of Rhode Island (ASRI) has this update:

All is well at the  nest . . . the eyases are growing quickly and are now too big for the adults to cover with their bodies. The eyases are brooded almost continuously for only around the first 10 days of life. Then the eyases will huddle together until their adult feathers come in at around three weeks. ..

At this stage it is completely normal for the parents of the eyases (chicks) to be absent from the nestbox.

A few adult feathers are beginning to emerge.


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