Parking Lot Mega Show At Scürvy Dög

(6.4) The good folks over at the Scürvy Dög are throwing another free, all-day parking lot bash with “a ton of bands, awesomeness, and a pinch of love.” Not to mention the great views of the Olneyville Expressway construction. The day starts off with Craig Wreck at 2pm with Atlantic Thrills capping off the night. The event page has a schedule which, in the past, they have kept to surprisingly well.

Atlantic Thrills (9:30pm)
the Paraplegics (8:45pm)
the Brunt of It (8:00pm)
Detroit Rebellion (7:15pm)
Catalyst (6:30pm)
Baabes (5:45pm)
the Underwires (5:00pm)
West Side Rats (4:15pm)
Artist Jackie and the Wizard (3:30pm)
Structure Sounds (2:45pm)
Craig Wreck (2:00pm)

The event is free and dog friendly (to friendly dogs). Properly supervised children are also welcome. Puggles Grilled Cheese and Stuff will be there to feed your faces.
As always, the proprietors promise: “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”
Free, 1pm, Saturday, June 4 — 2am, Sunday, Scürvy Dög, 1718 Westminster Street, (directions)

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