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We get to write about David Segal even if RI’s second congressional district does not encompass the city of Providence, because Dave was one of the three founders of the Providence Daily Dose. [Correction: Part of Providence is within congressional district two. BC] He certainly reflects our political point of view and has already earned the endorsement of Senator Elizabeth Warren. This is not Dave’s first run for Congress. In 2010 he ran in the Democratic primary for the 1st congressional district, surprising many pundits with his strong showing.

He did this by working tirelessly, going door-to-door, meeting with community groups, and actively supporting the efforts of other candidates and advocacy groups. This week he has written about the burgeoning labor movement across the country; the unionizing of several Starbucks, Apple, and Amazon locations has been astonishing and gratifying.

Read what he has to say in “Now is the time for a growing labor movement in RI” (ProJo: 6.18.22).

Unions have long sought to make government do more to help everyday people. They are on the front lines of legislative fights that help all workers. Unions in Rhode Island were on the frontlines of advocacy to increase the minimum wage in Rhode Island to $15 an hour, and in making Rhode Island just the third state with paid family leave.

Dave encourages us to take a broad view:

Climate is a labor issue, as a Green New Deal framework will create millions of high-road union jobs. Education is a labor issue, as our teachers need resources for our children to learn safely and effectively.

Dave has served as a Providence city councilor as well as RI state rep. for Fox Point. Brains, integrity, energy . . . he’s the whole package. Learn more about the candidate at David Segal for Congress.

2 thoughts on “Send David Segal to Washington”

  1. will jackson

    Thanks for this article. I read PDD every day and surely get more Providence news and insight than the paper that charges $3 [!] per issue for a lot of wire news, local drivcl and an artificially enlarged obit section.

  2. Very smart guy with great ideas and plenty of experience, he has my vote!

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