Ask Roger At RWNM

(6.25) Rhode Island founder Roger Williams will be taking questions Saturday afternoon. Who is your least favorite neighbor? Do you like lobster? What the heck is a bloudy tenent? Just don’t get him going on the Quakers.

Roger Williams himself (portrayed by National Park Ranger John McNiff) will be around for two hours on June 25th to answer your questions: about himself, about life in general, traveling across the ocean, what was his problem in Massachusetts, and well, anything else that comes to your mind.

Come prepared with your questions. If you don’t, we will just be sitting there staring at each other for a couple of hours.

Oh no, that’s what Quakers do! Of course, Quakers are welcome to Saturday’s event, but be prepared for some serious disputation. Don’t forget, at the age of 69, Roger Williams paddled a canoe down to Newport (!) and debated the Quakers there for ten hours.

McNiff is good at this; he knows his man. And don’t expect a dull history lesson — organizers promise: “This is going to be fun.”

(Seen here: A wall display in the RWNM museum shows an early Q&A in which a Native American asks: “When will you all be leaving?”)

Q&A with Roger, 1pm to 3pm, Saturday, June 25, RWNM, 282 North Main Street, (directions)

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