Go Spend Money At Trinity Brew & Hot Club

Following their loss in the general assembly, the big brave 2nd amendment crowd has decided that threatening hard-working waitresses will bring people around to their side. Anyone watching the recent State House protests during the gun reform debates probably noted the whiteness and maleness of the yellow-shirt crowd. Two co-morbidities were also on display, so their ranks will be thinning given time.

Now they are going after Senator Josh Miller (D-Cranston) by attacking his businesses. The Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence has issued a statement which reads in part:

Senator Miller has supported us for years, and now it’s our turn to support him. Gun extremists are using gross tactics to attack his businesses, including making phony reservations, publishing fake one-star reviews, and verbally intimidating his employees. Please consider patronizing Trinity Brewhouse and Hot Club of Providence to show your support for gun safety in Rhode Island. While there, be sure to thank the staff and let them know you appreciate the opportunity to patronize a business that supports making Rhode Island safer from gun violence. Reservations are not necessary at either establishment.

So this is all straight out of the modern Republican playbook: When you lose, don’t bother trying to build a consensus, just threaten and intimidate.

But anyone who has followed Senator Miller’s years of sponsoring gun control legislation, knows that he has been utterly unflappable. And he is still as cool as a cucumber.

The ProJo spoke with Senator Miller in Sunday’s paper. From “Fake reviews, no-shows hit senator’s restaurants over gun safety stance”:

Miller said, “The whole thing is unfortunate.”


Trinity Brewhouse, at the corner of Fountain and Empire Streets, has a wonderful, shaded wrap-around porch. Stay cool while watching the skateboarders just feet away.

The Hot Club on Bridge Street has the best deck, with views of the power plant, the marina, and the hurricane barrier.

[Thank you commenter. The Trinity Beer Garden, between the Biltmore and the rink, is very cool and open seven days.]



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