Algae Advisory — Roosevelt Lake RWP

The Rhode Island Department of Health and the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) are advising people to avoid contact with Roosevelt Pond in Roger Williams Park in Providence . . . due to blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) blooms. More about blue-green algae at WPRI:

People should avoid ingesting water or fish from these bodies of water, officials said, and recreational activities like fishing, boating and kayaking should be avoided. Anyone who comes into contact with blue-green algae should immediately shower and clean their clothes. If a pet comes into contact with the contaminated water, wash them with clean water, prevent them from licking the algae and call a veterinarian if the pet shows symptoms such as loss of energy, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea or any other unexplained illness.

Blue-green algae can produce toxins harmful to humans and animals.

Roger Williams Park calls it a lake, everybody else seems to be calling it a pond.

Roger Williams Park, 1000 Elmwood Avenue (directions)

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