Narragansett Boat Club — Open House

(7.30) The Narragansett Boat Club — America’s oldest rowing club — wants to show you what they get up to and how much fun it is. So head down to the NBC this Saturday and learn about rowing. All ages invited.

NBC holds open houses for anyone who would like to get a taste of rowing. If you’ve never rowed before, or just want to see what NBC is all about, we will have several open house events in 2022 that include a chance to try out rowing in our barge (weather permitting; otherwise, we will row on indoor rowing machines).

So how old is the Narragansett Boat Club? (These names should ring a bell; this is what these guys were doing when they weren’t busy naming streets after each themselves.)

In 1838, George C. Nightingale, William A. Greene, Rufus Waterman, Henry Lippitt, Sullivan Dorr, Jr., William C. Allen, and Charles Arnold were among the influential men of Providence who founded the Narragansett Boat Club. Following the Civil War, the Club constructed an impressive boathouse on the banks of the Seekonk, almost at the junction of what are now Angel Street and River Road.

Time slots to row are generally on the hour: 9am, 10am, and 11am. Or just stop by and take a look.

Second open house is scheduled for Saturday, August 27.

Open House, Saturday, July 30, NBC, 2 River Road, (directions)


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