Cyanotypes At World’s Fair Gallery

The current exhibition at the World’s Fair Gallery, As Above, So Below, features cyanotypes by Brett Windham, earthenware vessels by Tammy Kim, and handblown glass by Pierre Bowring; the show runs through August 26.

Developed in the mid-1800s, the cyanotype is a slow-reacting photographic printing formulation sensitive to a limited near-ultraviolet and blue light spectrum. My photographs do not truly capture the velvety shades of blue in Windham’s prints. As of yesterday, this large Monstera leaf was still available — somewhat surprising given the current popularity of the motif. Certainly anyone interested in botany or gardening will be drawn to these images, but also everybody else.

Minding the gallery yesterday was the lovely Mary, herself an artist. She drew my attention to the Queen Anne’s Lace and allium prints. “The alliums look like fireworks.”

Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday from 10am-4pm. Or by appointment. This charming little gallery is smack up against the Columbus Theatre; it’s in the same building.

World’s Fair Gallery, 268 Broadway, 774.991.3206, (directions)


Below is a modern take on the traditional bedside water carafe by Pierre Bowring. And check out his gorgeous short tumblers.

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