School Starts

Heads up. The school zone speed cameras will be reactivated Monday, August 29, operating from 7am to 6pm on school days.

Providence now has 20 cameras at the following locations:

  • Plainfield Street (Laurel Hill Annex School)
  • 773 Chalkstone Ave. (Nathaniel Greene Middle School)
  • Hope Street (Hope High School)
  • Mount Pleasant Avenue (Mount Pleasant High School)
  • Bridgham Street (Providence Career and Technical Academy)
  • Branch Avenue (E-Cubed Academy)
  • 3 Cranston St. (Providence Career and Technical Academy),
  • Dexter Street at Waldo Street (Alfred Lima Elementary School)
  • 187 Douglas Ave. (Times 2 Academy)
  • 593 Academy Ave. (LaSalle Academy)
  • 114 Olney St. (Hope High School)
  • 225 Thurbers Ave. (Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex)
  • 459 Charles St. (Esek Hopkins Middle School)
  • 156 Reservoir Ave. (Reservoir Avenue Elementary School)
  • 520 Hope St. (Providence Center School)
  • 459 Promenade St. (Paul Cuffee School)
  • Blackstone Boulevard at University Avenue (School One)
  • Chalkstone Avenue at Waller Street (Mount Pleasant Academy)
  • Eaton Street at Nelson Street (RFK Elementary School)
  • Union Avenue at Waverly Street (Children’s Friend)

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